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“ITU Rover Team” is the first and only Turkish team which contributes to International University Rover Challenge (URC) since 2017.

URC is an international competition which organized by the Mars Society at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, USA. University students compete with vehicles designed by themself.

Ranked 4th with 96 points in science, 4th with Bringham Young, Military Collage and University of Waterloo, 13th among 82 teams from different countries and 12th among 92 teams with System Acceptance Review (SAR) video has been awarded. They were awarded the Science Special Award for the first time in the history of the competition. In addition, they were ranked 13th among 65 teams in ERC 2018 (European Rover Challange).

Finally, in URC 2019, they received 86 points with System Acceptance Review (SAR) videos and represented Turkey with 14th place among the finalists.

We will always be proud to support our young people who act with the motto "Young people of this country are working for humanity".

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